Monday, November 12, 2012


Childless Robots from planet ROBOTTRON had a malfunction with their spaceship and emergency landed on planet EARTH. 

After a quick recon it soon became apparent that they would not fit in.

PA Robot broke the news to MA that not only were they outsiders but their ship needed some fixing.

MA Robot had a lot to say on the subject

PA was thoughtful

He then proposed that while searching for parts

They could try to find some unclaimed children on this planet

This made MA happy



Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It was no ordinary day....

What on EARTH brought them here?

Stay tuned to find out if they found what the were searching for!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alexz in Wonderland

So I wanted to share some of the awesome things that brought this shoot together, pretty much all of the stuff was from Alexz's collection.

I absolutely adore this Rabbit that Alexz made check her stuff out HERE

the painted roses and gorgeous teapots

I do have to say I stole Addy's tiny tea set!

She has an amazing collection of Alice in Wonderland books!

This Alexz as Alice doll is amazing done by one of her friends you can find her work HERE
check out this awesome Cheshire cat made by her BFF

we had to do a foot shot to honor Amber 

I love this cotton that we found, at my brothers new property! So awesome :)

The light was amazing!

I am slightly in love with this B/W!

Doing this photo shoot at home was pretty sweet, I remembered why I love my little tiny home town. Keith at the lumberyard offered me a prop, Mr. Davis the funny hat collector lent me his Mad Hatter Hat. And my Mom who was so awesome and was the one gathering all these things for me was so awesome she even went so far as to find me a Rabbit, she was disappointed that it wasn't a white one, though Alexz said it was perfect. 

To be honest she wasn't so sure about the bunny

but then she started loving it 

and by the end she was saying "I want one!"

 which pretty much sums up Alexz I think :) She has the biggest heart, a huge amount of talent and creativity, and I feel pretty lucky that I got to meet her and hopefully make a new friend.
Thanks so much Alexz!!